Monday, May 2, 2011

Motion for Reconsideration -- FILED April 29, 2011

It was a long day...and everything happened
to show how broken the legal system is.
This document should have been
delivered on April 29, 2011, but
for some reason there was no one
there to sign for it. This was the
last day it could be filed to be within
the ten (10) day limit (it must be physically
received within ten days).

The document from the Court of Appeals
Affirming the dismissal had all the facts
wrong. I did not receive this document, dated
April 21, 2011, until April 26, 2011. So I only
had one night to get my Motion done and
off in the mail the next day.

I spent several hours this morning (Monday May 2, 2011)
calling to get in touch with the people that could help
me. I had to be at work at Advance by 12:15pm.
I could not have my mail redelivered.
Only someone from the Georgia Court
of Appeals (the recipient of the mail)
could ask for the mail to be redelivered.

Nothing seemed to work out, but just when
everything seemed hopeless
I talked to the clerk, Holly Sparrow, and
she said that she would contact the
post office. I received a call from Ms. Sparrow
later this afternoon and she informed me
that my document had been delivered
on Friday afternoon and it was filed
on that date. I told Ms. Sparrow that
she was wonderful....


It is interesting to note that the
United State Postal Service
is still claiming that this document was