Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Letter to Attorney Samual F. Maguire, Jr.

This is a letter from my attorney, Jeff Rusbridge, to

Samuel F. Maguire, Jr. concerning an ORDER on

Motion to Compel. Mr. Maguire has ignored this

ORDER from the Honorable Judge Jackson Harris.

This ORDER is to compel this lawyer,

who represents Wells Fargo Bank, to disclose

documents that support my case.

Mr. Maguire represents Wells Fargo

in their unethical and unlawful destruction of my

cabin and property and the unethical and

unlawful acts of taking my cabin and property from me.

This cabin and property was under a 99 year lease, which

was paid in full for $85,000.00. The property in this cabin,

which was thrown out in over 2 1/2 inches of rain for over

two weeks, was my personal property collected

since I was born.

My life and my rights were violated by Wells Fargo Bank

and these evil acts were done without reproach

and they must be stopped.

This was all I had left after loosing my custom home

because the former Detective Preston Peavy

falsely arrested me and then went on in

back to back attempts to frame me for

crimes I did not commit, and where I was

in fact the victim of violence.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Latest Appeal and Request for Supplemental Record

This is my latest appeal in my 20 million dollar lawsuit
to get my documents and transcripts
(that have been filed since the date of my last appeal)
to the Georgia Court of Appeals.

There was another long delay in the legal process in this case
because the Deputy Clerk, Missy Bergman, questioned the validity
of my Paupers Affidavit and refused to transmit the record
to the Georgia Court of Appeals. After two hearings
dates and a lot of hassel getting all the receipts, check stubs,
and documents together to prove my indigency, I won the
battle (that should have never taken place) and
I was (again) declared indigent by Judge Murphy C. Miller.

An Index of docs sent to GA Court of Appeals

This is an index of the documents being sent to the Georgia Court of
Appeals on my 20 million dollar lawsuit
against Cherokee County Georgia