Monday, June 13, 2011

Audio of conversation with Attorney Jeff Rusbridge (1st part)

This is first part of a conversation I had with Attorney Jeff Rusbridge along with a cool slideshow I put together. Mr. Rusbridge makes it clear that I did not do anything wrong....this audio also conveys just how messed up our legal system is...This audio with slide show has two parts...what is interesting is the evidence in my case that was ignored, altered, doctored or tampered with in some way is in these two slideshows. The evidence in my bathroom cleared me was ignored and manipulated to create "probably cause". There are photos of the transcript from a recorded conversation that was altered to do away with exculpatory evidence and a photo of the way the conversation really went. There are photos of the crossbow where a thick layer of dust on the shaft of the crossbow was ignored and then cleaned off. There is a picture of the EVIDENCE CONTROL RECORD that was doctored to leave one line blank just before my trial so it could not be determined who cleaned off the dust to get rid of critical exculpatory evidence (although I know Preston Peavy either did this dirty deed or had someone do it). Even the homemade Indian Head arrow that was supposedly loaded on the crossbow, yet won't work, is in the slideshow. The only thing that is not in here is the only witness at the scene who was never interviewed and the expert witness who saw the crossbow. Also a picture of the ORDER that GRANTED the expungement of my false arrest is in here and this ORDER was prepared by Attorney Kendrick K. McWilliams, the attorney who represents the defendants!


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