Wednesday, September 14, 2011


You can change your life and help change the lives of others,
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  1. Kerry how sad what you have experienced. Their are thousands out there that have experienced the samething with many of them innocent in prison. When someone has something that someone of power wants believe me they will pull in all favors to get it. Possibly your valuable property was what someone wanted that had strings. Just my thoughts. My name is Flo, Founder/Owner of People Against Prison Abuse aka PAPA, I have been doing this work since the 80's and I can tell you most of the people that need our help have been financially bankrupt by the system or were proverty stricken before it started, they don't have money to donate. The best we can hope for is that they help us by using their abilities to write, call, fax, mail letters, shout it from the rooftop, hopefully to get attention. Just be grateful for that because the majority of the people believe that if a criminal ends up in the hands of the law they deserve what they do we change this attitude, usually we don't, until they end up in the system or love one ends up in the system where they learn the lessons of what is going on the hard way, from experience. I just encourage you to continue the battle. What we need are some disgruntle legislators that will help us write some laws/bills, help us go through the process of making changes through legislation. The America Industrial Prison System is all about profits for dollars at the cost of the human beings lives they destroy which include the family attached to that person. A very sad state our country has come to that they have created such a monster as the America Industrial Prison System to control society, how do you control the ratings of your country, you lock up the poor, the race you don't want in your society, the innocent with the guilty. There are almost 3Million people locked away in the America Industrial System and the majority for non violent crimes. How much does this cost the American Taxpayers each year, billions on top of billions. There are over 20 million people on the streets that have some type of criminal background, on parole, probation, community service that effects their ability to get the basic needs like a job, housing, a loan to buy a what does America the LAND OF THE FREE do, they lock them up for being homeless...I can go on and on, but it is about GREED, it is about POWER, it is about long as they are the ones in control. Flo,

  2. Thanks for the nice and thoughtful comment Flo. Our Just-Us System is a very sad state of affairs.